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Los Niteliters


Los Niteliters' is a Bay Area Latino Band whose music reflects the cultural fusion of Mexican Americans throughout the Southwest.  The band integrates a diverse range of Latin and American influences during live performances where the strong energy of this vibrant music comes alive.  They display great stage presence with the contributions of quality, veteran, musicians with more than two decades of working together!

Meet The Band


Jesus "Chuy" Covarrubias

(Salinas, CA)


Lead Vocals, Accordion, Keyboards, Alto Saxophone

Chuy's been playing music professionally most of his life with various bands, such as "Los Latinos, The Latin Soul Band,"  and while completing his B.A. in Music and Chicano studies at UC Berkeley, he performed and toured with "Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band."  While completing his Master's degree in Education from Stanford University and Doctoral coursework at UCSC, and becoming a Tenured Professor of Ethnic / Mexican American Studies at S.J. City College, as well as an adjunct Professor of Mexican American Studies and Social Science at San Jose State University, Chuy has continued his passion for music playing with Los Niteliters for over 20 years.

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